How To Help Your Fat Chihuahua Lose Weight

fat chihuahua to lose weight

How To Help Your Fat Chihuahua Lose Weight

By Clarence Clark

Chihuahuas are prone to overeating as a result of overfeeding by their owners. It is not difficult to find a fat Chihuahua, one that is obese and reluctant to walk about somewhere around your neighborhood. Most Chihuahua owners however, are ignorant to the dangers of obesity of their Chihuahuas, preferring to look upon their pooches as being “cute” rather than “unhealthy”. The fact is, more often than not obese Chihuahuas are extremely vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses related to poor dietary habits including heart attacks and diabetes. It is important therefore, to learn how to help your fat Chihuahua lose weight.

The first step to determining if your Chihuahua needs to lose weight is to do a physical check on them. Tell-tale signs include not being able to feel your Chihuahua’s ribs easily when you run your hands over his sides from the front to the back leg as well as not being able to feel the tail bones of your Chihuahua. If such signs are observed, it is time to bring the weight of your fat Chihuahua down to normal. Consult your local veterinarian to determine the time span of this weight loss program as well as the optimal weight that your Chihuahua should slim down to eventually.

Start by making adjustments to the diet of your Chihuahua. A well-balanced diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and should be low on sugar and salt content. There are many diet or weight loss foods in the market that are suitable for dogs. These contain lesser calories as compared to regular dog food, thus the quantity of food that your Chihuahua is eating should not change. However, if you are a dog owner who believe in preparing home-made dog food, care should be taken to reduce the portions of your Chihuahua’s regular meals. This reduction should never be more than 20% of the total amount of food previously fed to your Chihuahua in order to prevent starvation. Of course, reducing food content might possibly lead to acts of desperation such as theft on the part of your Chihuahua. In such a situation, it might be optimal to add in fiber to help satiate your Chihuahua’s appetite. This could be achieved by means of a table spoon or two of canned pumpkin.

Taking your Chihuahua to the park for regular exercise is of importance to help reduce the weight of your obese Chihuahua. Start off slow, covering short distances each time before subsequently increasing the distance and amount of time spent walking. Gradual progression is the best way to help your Chihuahua lose weight, while at the same time prevents the dangers of over exhaustion. Incorporate the element of fun into your regular exercise routines with your Chihuahua. Rather than just the walk around the park, put in place simple games such as Frisbee or a tennis ball which you can spend quality time playing with your pet. This would not only enable your Chihuahua to lose weight, but also allow you to develop greater pet-owner relationships with your Chihuahua.

Finally, regular visits to the local veterinarian are necessary to evaluate your Chihuahua’s diet program. With sufficient exercise and a healthy diet, your obese Chihuahua would soon return its trim self once more.

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